Ceiling Fan Spin


Is it wrong to get a nine-year-old obsessed with Newsies and in love with Jack? I was watching it with my friend and she couldn't stop talking about how and what and why Jack did what he does. I added some new observations, btw. My family just got back from seeing the Cirque Du Soleil, and it was AWESOME! Carry the banner!
-Spinny ~ 4-27-08 

I haven't been updating as much as I should because of homework. Bleh. But! I added a photos page, an observations page, and a dedication. This is after I just watched Newsies for the... it's either the ninth or tenth time... I can't remember. But I just finished watching Newsies. My music class watched West Side Story, and that is probably the saddest movie I've ever seen. I cried at the end. I did. But on with the newsie stuff! Carry the banner!
-Spinny ~ 4-23-08 

It's official. I have a newsie name. My mom gave it to me. Spinny. Ain't it great? It does kinda fit. I was trying to get up onto my ceiling fan the other day, and my mom just says "Aw, Spinny get down!" And so, the newsie name was born! Whoo! Carry the banner!
-Spinny ~ 4-6-08

So, if you're here, you must have wondered why this site is called "Ceiling Fan Spin," huh? I named this after the famous Bumlets (R.I.P.) move at the end of King of New York. There haven't really been a lot of sites that feature Bumlets as their main newsie, so I decided to make one. This will have other newsies too, though, so don't worry. Thanks for coming, would you please sign the guestbook, or drop me a line at my e-mail address, ceilingfanspin@aim.com. As I have yet to get a newsie name (!!), I'll have to leave you in the dark for now. Enjoy the site! ~ 3-30-08